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Student Leadership in Sustainability

Be The Change Earth Alliance's Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program provides both teachers and students with a groundbreaking educational curriculum focusing on environmental sustainability, global citizenship, and youth empowerment.


SLS adopts a cross-curricular, modular approach using 21st Century pedagogy and teaching technologies and is taught in mainstream classes from Science 9, Social Justice 12, Home Economics, and Planning 10. SLS offers a comprehensive introduction to global sustainability issues through its 5 Sustainability Values:

Health, Conscious Consumption, Conservation, Connection, Justice and Innovation

SLS is fully accessible online and is also offered in French.

Web Site:
Target Audiences:
Education Staff
Province Wide
750,00 $
This is a recurring registration fee.
The SLS resource annual fee is for a full school license. License coves access to all three versions of the SLS program (Blended/In-Class, Distance, French).

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