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Workshops for teachers and health professionals, materials for classrooms, resources for the public…the registered dietitians from BC Dairy Association have been developing and delivering leading edge nutrition education programs and materials for over 30 years. These programs and materials help bring Canada’s Food Guide and healthy eating alive in classrooms, community settings and homes throughout the province. One-hour workshops introduce teachers to many of the programs. Teachers leave workshops with hands-on, colourful, interactive program materials, ready to start teaching nutrition the very next day.

The nutrition educators at BC Dairy Association strongly believe in the power of using food to teach about nutrition, and through the programs, encourage teachers to include food to make lessons more fun and interactive. Each year, BC Dairy Association awards mini food grants to teachers using one of the BC Dairy programs to help them purchase ingredients for use in the classroom.

Additional programs include School Milk BC—a BC Dairy Association initiative that provides schools with free tools and resources for serving milk at school, and the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience— an interactive and educational program that travels to schools all over BC.

Click the links below for more resources from the BC Dairy Association:
Bone Zone
Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone Health
Food Explorers (K-1)
Food For Us! (Gr 2-3)
Food Sense (Gr 4-6)
Passport to Healthy Living (Gr 4-7)
Health and Career Education
Healthy Attitudes, Healthy Weights, Healthy Schools
Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience
Pack Nutrition as Part of Your Equipment
School Milk BC

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