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artsREACH was created with the goal of providing the highest quality visual and performing arts training to young children, regardless of their financial means. To reach the children who would benefit the most, workshops are delivered without charge in local public elementary schools, with a focus on those schools with a high percentage of children from lower-income families.

Trained artsREACH instructors lead 90-minute workshops in public elementary schools. All the required materials for a workshop are provided by the artsREACH program.

During the workshops, students express their individuality, build confidence and self-esteem by learning new skills and techniques and classroom teachers learn new techniques and skills by observing the professional instructors who facilitate these workshops.

All instruction and materials are provided at no cost to schools or participants. In addition, classroom teachers learn new techniques and skills by observing our artist-instructors, and a resource guide developed to complement the BC Provincial Schools Curriculum, is provided to teachers so they may build on the ideas generated during the workshops.

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