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Lunch with Lenin and Other Stories

In Lunch with Lenin and Other Stories, award-winning author Deborah Ellis has provided an incredible resource for drug education. Harrowing, inspiring, and often surprising, these ten short stories explore the lives of teens affected by drugs in settings as diverse as northern Canada, small town America, and a rural farm in Afghanistan.

The Grade 9 iMinds module uses this text to explore and develop drug literacy in the context of studying English literature. But that is not the only way to use this resource.

We have developed a new tip sheet for teachers that suggests three learning activities that can be used in a wide variety of learning environments. Each can be used as a stand-alone lesson or combined to create a more detailed unit of study. They can each be applied to different stories within the collection to explore different issues. The possibilities are almost endless.

This collection of stories by a great Canadian author is one of the best resources for drug education that we are aware of. We hope the Teacher Tips sheet will provide a useful guide to making use of this resource in classrooms everywhere.

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