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Sip Smart! BC

"The Sip Smart! BC Program is designed to raise awareness among Grade 4, 5 and 6 students of the positive benefits of healthy drink choices. Sip Smart...

School Milk BC

School Milk BC is a BC Dairy Association initiative that provides schools with free tools and resources for serving milk at school.

Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is an interactive and educational program that travels to schools and exhibitions all over BC. The aim of the MD...

BC Dairy Association

Workshops for teachers and health professionals, materials for classrooms, resources for the public…the registered dietitians from BC Dairy Associatio...

Canada's Food Guide

The new Food Guide is an online suite of resources that better meets the needs of different users, including the general public, policy makers and hea...

Healthy Kids Quest

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is particularly important for children, since habits established in childhood often stay with us for life. Take on the H...

Cook it. Try it. Like it! A Guide for Program Leaders

Cook it. Try it. Like it! is an after school food skills program designed to promote healthy eating habits by providing students with hands-on experie...

The Checklist: Scoring Summary Reports

The scoring summary reports help people that prepare food and beverages for sale to students in B.C. schools score freshly-made foods using the Checkl...

Dental health: School Food and Beverage Sales

Schools can use the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools to help reduce the risk of tooth decay and support overall dental health amon...

Save-On-Foods Kids Nutrition Tours

Nutrition Tours are a hands on opportunity to learn about nutrition from our team of registered dietitians as they guide you through a fun and informa...

Food and Beverage Stock List

Create your own food and beverage stock list with items that meet the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools.

Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools

The Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools define the nutrition standard that schools are required to apply to all food and beverages so...

Viewing Programs 1 - 12 of 16<12>